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    Post  firefly on Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:32 pm about music
    he introduction of the CD (compact disc) on the mass market in 1982 heralded the arrival of digital music consumption. That the CD soon superseded the cassette as the most popular consumption format demonstrates its importance, though it is perhaps not hugely significant in terms of affording new ways in which consumers could experience music. The chief advantage of the CD was that it provided much better audio quality than the cassette but was also much more portable and durable than vinyl (it also helped that huge amounts of money and energy were pumped into promoting it, though this, of course, never guarantees the success of a format). CDs promised durability, as Philips promoted the format with the motto ‘perfect sound forever'; consumers soon found that they were prone to digital ‘jitters', while some have estimated that the shelf life of an average retail music CD is no more than seven to ten years.

    One of the most significant aspects of the CD was that it did enable music listeners to access tracks randomly, which for some was a great boon in terms of experiencing music in more ‘user-friendly' ways. Nevertheless, there were some things about CDs that did not match up to cassettes: in particular, it would be a long time before people could record onto CDs, so the cassette remained a popular format for making music compilations. Additionally, because CDs were physically wider than cassettes, the ‘CD Walkman' did not supersede the cassette Walkman in terms of popularity because it was a more cumbersome device to carry. It was not until the growth of the mp3 as a popular consumer format that digital portable devices began to replace the analogue Walkman (see below). Subsequent digital formats did not take off in the way that electronics and music companies would have wished: DAT and mini-disc (MD), for example, made only limited inroads into the consumer industry. Worse was to follow for the corporations with the rise of the Internet and the ability to distribute and consume music in new ways. Health and FitnessHealth and Fitness

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