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    See Atlanta through the eyes oy your canine companion.
    Planning a getaway with your best friend? Maybe you'll head to the big city, take in a ballgame, do a little shopping, and stay in a luxury hotel for some well-deserved pampering. If your best friend has four legs and wears a fur coat, then Atlanta is your ticket.

    This gem of the South is leading the way with exceptional entertainment, dining, shopping and lodging – and it's all pet friendly. Atlanta hotel accommodations can provide a welcome retreat for you and your pal. Look for amenities designed just for him as well as locations near all the places pups love to roam and you'll make your stay delightful for both of you. From hotels to attractions, Atlanta is a bustling city with a rich history, but there's more to it than peach trees and plantation houses. Beyond Gone with the Wind is a thriving metropolis that promises a spectacular trip for both you and your pooch.

    Since every good dog leads with his nose, your trip to Atlanta can have no better starting place than in one of the many gourmet treat shops catering to canines. Pampered pups will find treats, supplements, and just about everything a well-groomed dog needs to keep his coat shiny and teeth white. Scrumptious hand-decorated biscuits, canine confections, and specialty grooming products are available from several fine retailers around town. Of course, people have to eat, too.

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