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    Post  firefly on Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:14 pm

    This issue has always been a talk of the governemnt, and especially the Church. Topics about sexuality. Being gay for me personally is not that wrong or downing. Being homosexual is not really the problem, for me that is what I believe. If that is how they feel just let them be. Though their actions may be what could set the limit. gay Romania
    We should let them feel how they do, and act as how they want to, as long as it is with respect and dignity, for themselves, not only for them but of course, especially for others to. They should do their best to live in peace and harmony with relation to everyone near them. If some one wants respect of course as obvious at it is, one must respect to be respected, that is how things are as we all know how they are.
    We should mind our own businesses to, and look at ourselves first before any one looks down on any other person.

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