Forum Rules and Regulations


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    Forum Rules and Regulations

    Post  firefly on Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:30 pm

    The list looks quite long but is not really.. Please do not be LAZY enough to read. This is for us all.

    1. After reading the whole of this post, please make sure you introduce yourselves in the Prelude part under the Minasan! category.

    2. Conversation in all parts of this Forum will be on English, except under Dormitory, where you can use your native dialect, and with some instances under The World Out There. Since we would be from different countries, let us converse in English. And it is to build unity..

    3. Use of common Japanese, romaji and kanji, is allowed.

    4. Please make sure to regularly visit and join the community.

    5. Unruly violators will be😢 DELETED.

    6. NO FIGHTING. Within the forum and it's members. NO!, not even outside this forum. All members are siblings. Wink

    7. Express your thoughts and emotions through posting freely. Choose your words, and make sure non of them are offensive.

    8. No bashing. If there would be artists who would become topics and you don't like them, try yo express that in a NICE manner, or better yet, try to ignore such topics. DO NOT HIT THEM BELOW THE BELT.

    9. Promote PEACE, LOVE, and UNITY.

    10. You can type in any way you want as long as it is understandable, readable.

    11. Do not use too many font colors. SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY. And we don't want to have eye problems, right? The computer radiation is enough for torture. pirat

    12. NO SPAMMING.

    13. NO DOUBLE POSTING. Please check other categories before posting.

    - If ever you have not noticed that the same topic was already posted.. Please inform the admin and moderators.
    - If ever there would be topics posted twice, we could merge them, or delete the second one.

    14. Read the descriptions of the forum so that you would post on the right place.

    15. If ever you can't find a place to post your topic under.. just try to inform us so we could add categories..

    16. Spread the ARASHI RABU!!!!

    17. Rule number 16 is a MUST!!

    18. Please credit your resources properly.. we would not want to be sued for copyright problems.

    19. If Uploading too large photos, kindly resize them or simply use thumbnails to maintain a nice looking forum.

    20. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Please post them on the proper section.

    21. If for some instances you feel violated by anyone, or if you notice someone violating rules, please inform us.

    --You could always PM or EMAIL members and mods.. just try to contact us if there would be problems..
    --VIOLATORS would be emailed or P.M.ed and would be sent a warning.
    --Please check this page regularly in case of revisions

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